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What went down

I always felt guilty for liking the raw dicking I got from those fucking lying cops, but not as guilty as I feel right now. Well, I guess it’s more like guilty and vindicated.

I’ve always planned on shearing the cocks of those assholes.., catch them off duty on vacation, drug em, and have them wake up naked in a bathtub inside an old motel room with crudely woven stitches where their wee wee’s used to be. The shock and horror on their faces.., ahh man, I must have lived that dream a thousand times.

But honestly, I never thought I had it in me to go as far as I actually did though…

Here are the events as I recall them;

For reference purposes, the tall fat cop is named Clayton and the short fat one is named Martino.

The duo, “Clay & Mart”, the story goes were each big brothered in the force by a Cop named Rubio. Apparently they were a tight knit group, with the younger dicklings revering Rubio. So one day Rubio is chasing a known drug user named Guillermo through an abandoned building. Rubio chases him upstairs and next thing you know Rubio falls from the second story onto the pool deck. Was a bloody fucken scene from what I heard.

The Clay Mart dickwads track down Guillermo the next day, beat him half to death, throw the book at him and now the ol’ druggee is serving half a life sentence. They send Guillermo postcards of their family vacations just to mock him. How do I know, well cuz, Guillermo’s my mom’s bastard cousin.

One day when I went to visit him, which by the way, I think I’m the only one in the entire family who ever does, he opened his journal to show me a drawing and I saw a postcard. I asked him if I could see it, and he begrudgingly let me. Didn’t take me more than a second to almost barf on myself. I noted the names as he told me the story of how they mock him every chance they get.

That night, I went home and imagined an entire galaxy of revenge plans.

I settled on one that seemed like it outta do the trick.

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