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Here’s the story from the Beginning

Guillermo lived on the streets most of his adult life. He and his two pals Earl and Benniker regularly pan-handled the medians Near the Freeway on-ramp at rush hour. Afterwards, around 7:30pm they’d hit up the local burger joint to fuck up a large tray of Chili Cheese Fries. They always tried to get there no later than 7:30 because if they got there anywhere close to 8pm, the doofus duo Clay Mart would shake them down for all their money. They flat out told them, “you wanna smack your vein with those rocks on my streets, you better pay up!”

🤔...Boom! I had it.

It was like too easy. I parked in the lot, cracked the rear tinted window, raised my phone and caught them red fucken handed.

We waited for the asscramps to scram, then I bought the guys some food and we all sat and watched the video of Clay & Mart taking their money. We laughed our asses off. We repeated the same stunt multiple times over the next few weeks. Within a month we had six good videos. It really was a good time.

I fucken had them! I had it all figured out. I was gonna post it on Social Media and share it with all the news outlets, the department and everyone in the community just so they would be publicly shamed and hopefully get canned, but then I went to church one day…

My Dad plays guitar in the Church band. He’s actually Not religious at all he just does it because my grandma twisted his arm to do it and when she was ill he wanted to make her happy. So he joined the band and after she passed he just continues to do it, it seems to make him feel good.

Back to the story, one day my dad invited me to the winter concert, I dunno what it’s called, all I know is they have hot cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting and anyone who knows me from high school knows I once gave a guy a hand-job for his Cinnamon roll.

*He was hot and Big, don’t judge me.

Sooo, there I am at the short service all bundled up at end of the pew in the very last row of the church and up to the pulpit walks a rather extra curvy white lady. She gets on to rambling something about people from families with drug abuse and poor people and how we need to do more to help them. She finishes by thanking her husband and husband’s friend for serving our community and has them stand up so the entire congregation could give them an applause. It was fucken Clay & Mart. 😮 I almost lost my shit, I was fucken frozen. I tilted my head away and hid my face in my coat collar.

One of the last events was the church band singing something godly. I couldn’t say exactly what it was about but the big Nigerian singer named Obasi, whew.., oh shit. He could blow! And he was hot as fuck! The Clay Mart wives were all over him after the performance.

After the service I made it a point to snag a program to get the wife’s name. I went home that night and felt all jittery with ideas.

The Next morning I was supposed to go snowboarding but I woke up with michelada panties so I bailed on my friends. :/

Just my luck, my dad had invited the band over for Lunch and the beloved Obasi came along with his two cousins visiting from Nigeria. Obasi was a staunch Christian, his two cousins smoking in the backyard, not so much. I opened the sliding glass door and startled them. I was wearing my sweat shorts, a tight shirt and had my hair up. They gladly lent me a smoke.

Short story goes:

They told me they were here to drum up business for their cement company back home. I told them I was trying to find a way to blackmail some scumbag cops. As it turned out, they happened to have some experience in that department. We had a few of my dad’s famous whiskey sours and plotted something righteous.

3 days later at precisely 9pm Clay & Mart had been gone for an hour and their wives Kimmy and Megan had convened @ Kimmy’s house for their regular Taco Tuesday and glass of wine. (social media tells all..,nuff said)

The Nigerian cousins stood 6’ 1 and 6’ 3.

They were dressed in black suits and white shirts. They looked sharp! I wore a long skirt and very professional looking blouse.

The plan was to get inside the house by being friendly and then show them the video. The interaction played out like this:

From behind the door:

“Megan did you invite anybody?” Kimmy asked as she walked to her front door.

“YEAH, hello, who is it?” she asked strongly as she looked through the eyehole. “Oh lord, what the heck do these people want?” she said as she opened the door.

I led off, “Greetings ma’am, sorry to bother you this late into the evening with the word of the gospel. We hope we’re not interrupting your dinner..?”

The 6’1 Amadou chimed in, “Yehs”, he said in his beautiful Nigerian accent. “We can comb back at enother time if that is bettuh?”

“Oh my, bless your young hearts, do come on in. There is no inappropriate time to discuss God’s teachings. My best friend Megan and I were just sharing…, a glass.., well we just opened a bottle.., we don’t normally drink like this.” she said with an embarrassed smile.

“Wine does gladden the haught”, said Benoît. (The taller 6’3)

Kimmy’s face lit up…

“Megan, Megan, please pull out another bottle we have guests. This is, uh, what did you say your names were?”

“I am Amadou. Thank you very much for hauving us into your home.”

“Hello Megan, My name is Benoît.” he said, clasping her hand. “And I did naught catch your name,” he said directing his attention to Kimmy.

“I’m Kimmy, and it is entirely my pleasure to meet you all this evening!” she said warmly.

“It is my plezhuh as well,” finished Benoît.

“Bless you ladies for sharing a moment with us, you’re so gracious. My name is ‘Erica’. We happened to attend the service the other day and heard you speaking about helping impoverished families and the homeless. I think I speak for all three of us here when I say it hit home pretty hard. We all work at the local halfway house and homeless shelter and we’re looking into different ways to expand the services we can offer to our neighbors living on the streets.”

I was totally laying it on thick. And they were practically swallowing the hook. They had those pensive looks of concern on their faces.

The hook was in. STEP 1 Complete!

Now STEP 2 Emotional attachment.

Benoît and Amadou shared personal stories of severe poverty from their homeland. That was easy, it wasn’t bullshit. That was the only part they didn’t lie about. This was critical they said, if you want to pull off a scam well you have to mix truth with fiction.

After 25 minutes Megan had already cried twice and Kimmy kept petting Benoît’s arm, consoling him. I pretty much stayed quiet, I focused on keeping the wine flowing.

STEP 2 was Complete!

Time for STEP 3 – Get Personal

Amadou began. He inquired about where he might meet “young beautiful ladies” like them. He spoke about how shy he was around American women because of his accent. Benoît requested help with understanding if American women were even interested in Nigerians? BAM!

The next 15 minutes was Megan (aka skinny big tits) talking bout how she was always interested in black men but how her family never let her date one. Then Kimmy was putting her palm up to Benoît’s massive double sized hands saying how women feel so safe when they have such a large strong man protecting them.

40 minutes in and the girls were sloshy and playful.

STEP 3 Complete!

Time for the Finale!

This is where I came back in, though I was pretty much a wall ornament at this point.

“Ladies, may I show you a video of some of the homeless people we sponsor?” I asked as I popped open my laptop and inserted “the” thumb drive.

They happily obliged as they remembered why we were there in the first place. So I played the tape!

On the front end of the tape we had footage of people standing in line at the homeless shelter. We took our camera and walked the whole line, getting close ups of each person’s face for dramatic effect. As I played the video for the ladies I routinely paused the tape and randomly made up names and stories about different people in the line. “This guy lost his job because his ptsd was so bad he was petrified just to drive to work each day, this lady got addicted to opioids after her hip replacement, this entire family got forced out of their section 8 housing because of good old fashioned gentrification.”

Finally when I got to the part right before it showed Clay & Mart ripping off Earl and Benniker, I paused the video and asked if I could use their bathroom.

The plan was, I go to the bathroom while the guys show the ladies the video.

They were to tell them that they had gone to the church the day of the concert to confront the police officers in front of the clergy. They would say “but after we saw you “Kimmy” speak so heart felt about the poor, we thought we would be doing a greater good to just show you two privately, and leave the video here with you”.

I waited a hellaciously long two minutes in the bathroom before I stuck my head out the door with my camera at the ready. Kimmy was on the floor with her face in her hands crying. Megan was trying to console her while sobbing herself. They were shaking their heads saying “I can’t believe they would do that!”

Benoît said, “we hope you can ahppreciate our effort to help resolve the issue without making a puhblic spectacle? Can we leave this video here with you?” he asked as he ejected and removed the thumb drive from my laptop. “Can we expect you to do theh right thing?”

The women, though crying, were eager to agree and retrieve the thumb drive.

“Yes! Of course we will!”

“Just so you know, our investigator has also confirmed many mōh abuses,” said Benoît. “Racial abuses, Physical abuses, Abuses uhgainst women.”

Their ears perked up.

“It tis sad for me to say, Yes, those kind of abuses…”

The women sobbed even more and their emotion eventually grew into anger.

“So, ah beg you, do take the time to talk to them,” Benoît said as he stuck his hand out offering the thumb drive. “This is the only copy, I prōmise on the good lord himself!”

As the ladies reached for the drive, Benoît pulled it back a little and asked, “What are you going to do for us?”

The girls looked at each other confused.

“Like What?” asked Megan.

“I dunno, what can you think of?”, asked Amadou as he walked his crotch close to Megan’s face.

Megan looked at his crotch then looked back to Kimmy.

Benoît walked close to Kimmy and said “I wouldn’t want the press to get ahold of this video, I’d rather you ladies keep it. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes,” replied Kimmy.

“Yes what?” asked Benoît.

“Yes we agree, we’d rather handle it ourselves.

“Then show us! Show us you want to have it. We want you to have it,” said Amadou as he unzipped his pants under which he was wearing no boxers.

His very girthy semisoft cock dumped right out before Megan’s face. Though mostly relaxed Amadou’s meat was already 6.5 inches, one inch longer than her husband’s at full erection. Megan was startled but intrigued, and of course, drunk.

She started to look over at Kimmy who was silent and then resquared her gaze straight ahead. She reached out her hand and lifted up the dark brown meat to feel the weight. Her mouth opened in amazement. She was surprised how heavy it was. A few seconds later it had already begun to expand. Now she put two hands on it and started to slow stroke it.

After a minute had passed, Kimmy took her eyes off of Megan and the thick slab she was maneuvering and looked up at Benoît. He walked up close to her and pulled his white shirt up, exposing hard black abs. He nodded his head at Kimmy who was more than happy to unbuckle his belt and fish out the black mamba. That 10 inch long dark snake flopped out beneath his big muscular frame and little Kimmy played her role as a good little suckling. All mouth, no hands, she began bathing his entire snake n balls with her tongue. She was a hungry little tank.

At this point, the two white ladies were in their own little fantasy land molesting the long black shanks with their hands, mouths and saliva. Every housewife’s dream, fine young man, big ol’ dick. And frankly they were just doing what they had to do. And of course, I was recording every second of it.

10 Minutes Later, our Christian friends were churning something milky down between their thighs. Their anxious holes fermented and fumed.

Megan had now positioned herself onto all fours with her bony little butt in the air, her bubblegum gash eager to be yanked open. Amadou inserted his thick submarine cock only one third the way in and already Megan’s face turned stupid. He grabbed those skinny hips and stretched her cunt ring as he intruded two thirds the way in. 3 inches still to go and the tip of his dick was already leaning heavily on her cervix. He pumped her slow n smooth, letting her gash recompose itself and then spreading it with a long push of his sub. Out, back in, out, pause, back in. And on and on. He smacked her hard on her skinny ass and her fake tits swung violently when she twitched. Then he went full dick, balls to flaps. He pulled her hair with his linebacker shoulders so that his dick plunged up against her posterior fornix – “the End of the Road”. He maintained the pressure. She was stuck and didn’t know what to do. A couple seconds later he released it out and went back to halfcock strokes. At this point she was just a toy for his fat blackness, getting a good rearranging from a foreign dick.

Meanwhile over at the BBW camp, Kimmy had mounted 12 inches of long dong, thinking she was all pro, feeling all nasty, shaking her fat butt. That feeling began to change when the uber athletic Benoît stood up with Kimmy and all her white poundage still mounted, and wrapped his hands around her neck, pinning her against the wall. A picture frame fell and broke and nobody gave a shit. Benoît coiled his hips and then threw them up into Kimmy’s guts, hurting her, causing her to moan loudly in pain/euphoria. He did it again, and then again, starting to get angry and a little violent, her moans quieted down as she focused on holding on. Benoît had closed his eyes by now and was recklessly slamming her canal, her meat at the opening was completely pulverized and pulsing, and yet she didn’t make a peep, she just took it. Benoît continued the onslaught on that fat white pussy. He then took a glance at his little jumbo jelly bean and realized that she had passed out. Her pink face was now a solid blue hue. He got very scared and instantly released his hands from her neck and laid Kimmy on the rug. He lifted her legs up and held them there, eventually the blood drained back into her head and she came to. Kimmy, just like that honey badger bitten by the snake, awoke and ravenously resumed her activity, in this case, cock consumption.

Back at the ranch, Megan was the honored recipient of long dick grinding. Amadou was deep one second, short stroking the next and then jack hammering all the pink meat that hung off Megan’s pelvis. He went on for minutes before pulling out the black slimy zeppelin. His thickness hung heavy from his abdomen. He kept his palms on her bony ass and spread her cheeks to admire his handy work. Her gash gaped three inches wide and her pastrami looked exhausted. Amadou smiled a large white teeth grin. Truly proud.

I zoomed in on the hole.

Time was passing and I was beginning to get nervous so I gestured from the dark hallway to “wrap this shit up!”

Amadou saw me and told Benoît.

Amadou was having Megan spread her ass with her own hands and beg for more cock. He enjoyed teasing her and after finally giving in to her begging, he went all prisoner of war on that cunt. A minute and a half of big black muscle contractions. His ass muscles and large back was getting a full on workout. He threw his head back and launched his massive wad into her raw stretched puss. She laid there barely breathing and wet, at this point nothing more than a torn tender hole with black daddy juice lain on the wound.

When I panned the camera back to Benoît, his balls were on Kimmy’s chin and his hands were behind her head holding her face glued to his crotch. He moaned as Kimmy’s eyes bulged. He was exploding in her throat. Her entire neck region was convulsing, something had to give. It wasn’t going to be Benoît, he didn’t need no bitch moving her head and fucking up his afterglow.

Finally, a few seconds later Benoît was ready to discard Kimmy, however she couldn’t wait one more second. Kimmy began choking and coughing through her nose as runs of cum shot down out of her nostrils. It looked nasty but this allowed just the smallest bit of oxygen to enter her lungs.

Benoît, though still a little drowsy after delivery, became aware of Kimmy’s problem and went ahead and released his long gooey lozenge from her throat. Kimmy instantly gasped and filled her lungs fully as long sticky strands kept her bonded to him, pink lips to black cock.

Benoît reached for his pants and pulled the thumb drive from his pocket. He tossed it over to Kimmy. “Here ya go, as promised.”

The ladies said Thanks.

I stopped the recording, slipped quietly back into the bathroom, flushed the toilet so they could hear me and turned on the faucet. I pretended to wash my hands for a couple minutes to afford the ladies some clean up time.

As soon as I walked out, I never made eye contact with the ladies. I just grabbed my stomach and said “I don’t feel so good, I’m sorry, I gotta go.” I grabbed my laptop from the table and headed to the door. The ladies were sitting on the couch, mostly dressed and kind of hiding themselves behind some pillows.

The guys said only a few departing words as we walked out the door.

The very next day we released one clip of Clay & Mart stealing from Earl & Benniker. The day after that we released a second clip. By this time the media was all over it. On the third day we released another. We did this everyday for 6 days.

Clay & Mart were finally put on suspension as the department was forced to begin an “investigation”.

We let that marinate for a week then released a teaser clip of the “Porn Show”. It started with Amadou’s cock pulling out of Megan’s cunt and paused on the zoom-in shot of her massive pink cavern. The clip then cut to Benoît releasing Kimmy’s throat from his cock and slow mo’d on the cum ropes dancing from her lips. I blurred out Amadou and Benoît’s faces so the video wouldn’t reveal their identities.

We released the video in three parts over a period of a week, hosted on a Black Cloud website. The two women were, as you can imagine, vilified by the entire community, but on the last day when we released the portion of the clip showing them crying in disbelief of their husband’s crimes and then Benoît handing them the thumb drive, the whole narrative flipped. It went from hatred, shame and disgust to them being seen as martyrs, human shields, even heroic…They we’re lauded by women broadly. They saw them as the victims they were. They were often winked at and quietly hi-fived around town after that.

We made a total of 86,000 dollars from the website before the money flow dried up.

I paid a private attorney 60,000 to get Guillermo’s case retried. The attorney was able to show a lack of evidence and his sentence was eventually commuted. He was released a couple weeks later on time served.

The other 26k, I put in a fund in Guillermo’s name that he could use to help himself get back on his feet.

I’m happy to say that he’s doing well. He’s finishing up school to become a 3-D printer maintenance tech and he runs a taco stand on weekends to make some extra dough. He’s kinda like a changed man. I couldn’t be more proud of him. Even his family has started to talk to him again. It kinda gives me chills to even write this. I just cant stand this idea of “throwing people away”.

Both Earl and Benniker were compensated handsomely when the suit was settled. They both now have a place together near the burger joint.

As for Clay & Mart, somehow they ended up keeping their fucken jobs, but word was that they were busted down two ranks (so they make significantly less money), put on two years probation, ordered to pay large fines and have been relegated to desk work only. They’ve both stayed married miraculously, though I do often wonder how their sex lives have been since the big stretching.

Twice a year I randomly send packages to the police department with big black dicks inside. Though I don’t send them to the guys directly any longer, cuz I suspect they don’t open anymore anonymous packages. Instead I send them to their coworkers and tell them to deliver to “Clay & Mart”. I imagine they end up in the waste basket and aren’t ever delivered but they must hear the laughter and they must know. They must! And for me, that’s good enough.

The haunting memory of a time when their wives had their panties pulled down, assholes exposed and their pink slits fucked loose by huge cocks, must pop into Clay & Mart’s heads at every turn. If they see their wives daydreaming, they must become highly suspicious, if they meet or even walk by a tall black man, if the ladies talk quietly amongst each other, any of these benign occurrences has to ping that memory.

The whole community knows their wives have been gimped, owned & torn by men swinging big black meat. Their white lady cunts basted with African jizz.

And now every time they stick it in, they see that their wive’s faces never look excited, not the way they did in that video anyway. They don’t make those same guttural sounds, their holes don’t gape when they pull out, thus proving to them time after time that their penises will always fall short.

They say a girl can dream.., but now, a girl can sleep.


P.S. I did run into someone interesting the other day, Franz’s best friend, Benson. I asked him like 20 thousand questions. He was in a hurry though, but he did take my number and said he could get it to Franz. He said he couldn’t give me anymore detail but that he would tell him to give me a call soon. I’m gonna try and record the call and post it here on my birthday…Chow.

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